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WatchMeGrow FAQs

Getting Started With WatchMeGrow


  1. VISIT WATCHMEGROW.COM/SIGNUP to set up a secure account.
  2. Enter the “center phone”: 208-461-3055.
  3. From the drop-down box, choose the correct center to request access to your child’s learning facility:
    • “Northside Facility”, 210 E Carol St, Nampa
    • “Franklin 0-2 year Facility,” 16299 N Franklin, Nampa
    • “Franklin 3+ Facility,” 16281 N Franklin, Nampa
    • “Caldwell Facility,” 4511 E Ustick, Caldwell
  4. We authorize your account.
  5. Watch Me Grow emails you when your account is active.

Doesn't it feel great to check in on your child during the day?

There is nothing like seeing your little one smiling, playing, and being independent at school, and daycare preschool cameras help you experience it for yourself. Here’s what else we know about using WatchMeGrow to stay connected:

Your child's teacher has the answers.

​Of course WatchMeGrow is awesome, but it’s hard to know how your child is doing through video alone. If you have questions about your child’s progress, schedule some time to have a conversation at your center with your child’s teacher or the center director. We’re happy to serve the parents and children of Nampa and Caldwell, ID, so we’re certainly eager to address any of your questions or concerns.​

You'll be a productivity machine at work.

​According to WatchMeGrow statistics, parents log in for an average of 7 minutes per day. This means most parents are logging in a few times, for a few minutes, to check in, smile, then carry on with their day.

Everything is fine. Really.

Children are resilient. Your child may have been crying and clinging to your leg when you left her this morning, but was playing happily a minute after you left. Teachers are skilled at helping children move on to having a great day. Just log in and see for yourself. 🙂

Need help with your WatchMeGrow account?

WatchMeGrow has a friendly support team for you Monday-Friday, 6am-5pm PST.

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